Training internships

Applications for internships, to be completed using the forms on this page, must be sent by e-mail to the three addresses:



The applications are evaluated and approved by the Teaching Committee and by the Biotechnology Council, which will assign internal tutors or external internships to the interns. Once the assignment has been received (as advertised on the course website), students can proceed online with the “project” that activates the internship (also for the insurance part), and then start the activity. The activation procedure is completely online and responsible person is the president of the degree, Prof. Elena Maestri.



Prof. Roberto Corradini is responsible for the internships

Contact Dr Davolio Marani, Didactic Service, Dept. of Chemical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sustainability – Building “Bioscienze”



ENTRY IN INTERNSHIP [not valid for internships in international mobility]

The Degree Course allows internship entry three times a year, by publishing a call for the presentation of applications by students: December - March - August


For each call and assignment round, the places available for internships offered by the teachers of the Degree Course at the University of Parma or external structures are published on the website of the Degree Course. ATTENTION: OFFERS ARE NOT PUBLISHED ON THE ESSE SITE3.


Students can submit applications using the appropriate form (available on the site and differentiated by year of matriculation), with self-certification of exams taken and credits acquired, expressing their preferences for the different topics of internship. Applications must be sent by e-mail to the addresses and


Students are reminded that it is mandatory to indicate three preferences, chosen strictly in different thematic areas and with different tutors. The student has the right to act independently to seek a traineeship at sites outside the University according to the procedures established by the University (


In any case, the internship is assigned by the Degree Course Council after assessing the requirements and possible options: students can apply for internships once they reach 120 credits; it is the faculty of the teacher who offers the internship to accept or reject the student's candidacy based on the previous career. The internships after assignation are published on the website of the Degree Course indicating the tutor (and laboratory). In case of external internship it is necessary to identify a professor of the Council who will be the supervisor of the final essay.


The training project with online procedure will be created by the representatives of the University [Elena Maestri] or of the external Institution. The student will receive the training project on ESSE3 and must accept the offer and choose the academic tutor as specified:


For external internships: the academic tutor coincides with the supervisor assigned by the Council.


For University internships: the academic tutor can be chosen among the professors Elena Maestri, Roberto Corradini, Benedetta Passeri.


The academic tutor will approve the training project and the internship can the start regularly.


WE RECOMMEND that the student downloads a copy of the training project from ESSE3 and sends it to Profs. Maestri and Corradini in pdf format, after signature of the internship tutor (or company tutor).




The internship must respect the dates indicated in the training project, in case requiring the necessary extensions or anticipations of the end date.


During the internship the person for reference is the Laboratory Tutor or the responsible Professor  (or company Tutor). During the traineeship experience the trainee must fill up an attendance form ( signed by the laboratory tutor.


The internship includes as an integral part the obligatory Safety Course, equal to 1 ECTS, carried out during the first year of the degree course.


Any requests for changes in the initial training project (extension, interruption, travel, time changes, appointment of a new company tutor) must be performed according to the instructions of the ESSE3 system.


CONCLUSION OF INTERNSHIP (Contact Prof. Elena Maestri)


The internship ends automatically on the date scheduled in the training project.


Once the required number of hours has been reached, the student can still complete the internship and collect the required documentation: assessment form, attendance sheets, summary of the activities performed.


The company tutor must complete the evaluation form and express a mark (on basis of 30 points) to be communicated by e-mail to Prof. Maestri.


The student must submit to Prof. Maestri the evaluation form, the forms with the attendance signatures and 1-page summary of the work performed. The registration of the mark depends on the year of matriculation and can be found on ESSE3. Please note that the internship must be recorded about 10 days before the final exam session and the mark contributes to the calculation of the average mark.