Graduation dissertation / Final examination



The application for admission to the graduation exam is presented exclusively on-line, at least one month before the graduation session.


For information follow the instructions on the web page


Once the online procedure is finished, it is necessary to print the degree application with the summary data to be delivered to the student secretariat, together with:


    * receipt of payment of the stamp and dilpoma (if requested);


    * questionnaire for AlmaLaurea;


    * form (A / 44) on behavior to be held by candidates and their family members, during graduation sessions;


    * (for students who still have the exam booklet) Exam booklet: if the exams have not yet been completed, make a photocopy of the booklet which will then be delivered in original


Remember that the student must also complete the internship experience as described in the "Training internships" page (delivery of the forms, frequencies and 1-page summary).


A copy of the summary (on a single page, complete with title, first and last name, name of the supervisor) should be sent to Prof. Elena Maestri by e-mail, for delivery to the Committee of the final exam, at least 8 days before the graduation session.


The essay concerning the internship experience is the subject of the final exam. The essay (in Italian or in English with a summary in Italian) must relate exclusively to the experiences carried out by the student during his / her internship and therefore must fully describe the experimental procedures, the results and the conclusions derived from them. Introduction and discussion must be brief and concise, and the entire essay must not exceed 20 pages.


The title page template to be used for the essay is shown in the attachment. We recommend the correct use of the University logo according to the instructions in http: // ...


A copy of the printed essay must be brought by the student on the day of the graduation exam to be made available to the Commission. It will be returned at the end of the session.



The pre-graduation exam takes place 2-7 days before the official Graduation Session in the presence of a Committee composed of three professors and experts on the subject. The dates of the pre-graduation exam are defined for each session, with the publication on the website of the Degree Course.


Students are advised to verify that the presentations to be used for the pre-graduation exam are correct, and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (for any special needs the student will have to contact the tutor students in time). During the pre-graduation exam the student explains to the Committee the methodologies applied and the results obtained. The presentation can be in English according to the University Regulations and the exposure time must not exceed 7 minutes. The Committee asks the student questions aimed at verifying the autonomy achieved in developing the concepts and practical experiences of the internship.


The evaluation of the Committee takes into account the performance of the student in expressing clearly, in the precise explanation of the main contents, in answering to any questions and in the degree of autonomy of judgment shown. The evaluation is transmitted to the President of the Commission of the final graduation session.


The student must also prepare two slides for the final graduation session, and the supervisor will forward these to the President of the Committee: first slide, title page with title, names of supervisors, place of the internship; second slide, applied methodologies and brief conclusions.


On the day of the graduation session, students will not present the internship. The ceremony will consist of the proclamation with the attribution of the graduation mark.


The undergraduate student can receive an additional point if the course of study has been completed in 3 years.


Students are reminded to comply strictly with the Rules of Conduct on the occasion of post sessions celebrations.

TEMPLATE for the first page (LINK)


The online degree application must be completed at least ONE MONTH before the graduation session and the last exam must be recorded at least 10 WORKING DAYS before the graduation session



Behavioral Rules on the Occasion of Post Graduation Sessions